Assistance in your Short Sale

It’s no secret that we can expect the Los Angeles real estate market to continue to shift as the economy struggles to recover. In the last three years, I have seen a massive change in the industry, one that I can only assume you have experienced as well: a shortage of properties for first time buyers; more hardship amongst homeowners whose properties are for sale; more Short Sales and foreclosures.

Having been trained as a Home Retention Consultant, I have taken on a personal mission: to serve as many homeowners as possible to avoid foreclosure. NO ONE should have to lose their home to foreclosure in 2010 and beyond, as the government has put so many programs in place to assist homeowners, including loan modifications and short sales.

Throughout the last 20 years, I have devoted myself as a student of the Short Sale process. I have completed certifications in four separate Short Sale and Pre-Foreclosure Certification programs, and participate in ongoing Inner Circle mastermind group with other agents throughout North America. These “best of the best” agents bring to the table cutting edge solutions for buyers and sellers in the short sale and foreclosure market. We meet weekly to keep our finger on the pulse of the changing market.

The reason I bring all of these qualifications up is this: My impression is that many agents are not prepared to deal with short sales. If your agent falls into this camp, I want you to consider calling on me to assist you with your short sale purchase and listings. Thus far, I have established an excellent track record of representing sellers who need to short sale, where the agent doesn’t feel comfortable taking on the listing, or takes it on without really knowing how to get the short sale done. And my expertise extends to the short sale buyer as well: my list of questions will help ascertain whether the short sale is viable, or whether we should move on to another property.

Bottom line: we’re in this business to be of service. Let me be of service to you. And in the process, I can help you achieve the goal you dream of: buying or selling your home with ease.

Call me or email me if representation on your Short Sale is something you’d like to explore, as I would very much like to help you through this very challenging time.

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