Attention Home Sellers: Bring Your Property to the Forefront during our Buyer Bonus Event

To help you sell your property after the First Time Homebuyer Tax Credit expires on April 30, we have created the Buyer Bonus Event. This program will assist you in your home selling process, by drawing buyers specifically to those homes that are participating in this event.

Participation in the Buyer Bonus Event could improve the chances that your home will sell more quickly during a particularly challenging time for the marketplace.

It also gives us the opportunity to draw additional attention to your property by taking advantage of the national promotion of the event. Coldwell Banker plans to generate widespread awareness and replenish a home buyer pipeline depleted by the expiration of the government’s Tax Credit program.

The Buyer Bonus Event is a way to create excitement around your home and increase buyer interest.

The purpose of the event is not to adjust the price of properties. Instead, it is meant to provide an incentive to buyers once the government’s Tax Credit program expires on April 30th.

To persevere in any market, we are willing to do whatever it takes to drive buyers to your home.

Home sellers will have the option to opt-in to the program. Home sellers that participate will agree to refund 3% of their final purchase price as a credit of up to $10,000 to the buyer at close. It’s open to all homebuyers and there are no eligibility or qualification restrictions. There will be national marketing support including tags on TV advertising, banners on and other local sites that link to a landing page where consumers can search participating properties. There will be local blogs.

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