As your buyer’s agent, it is my goal to keep you informed. Here are SIX ANSWERS AND TIPS to six very common home buying questions. If you need additional information or have more questions, please let me know.

After you read this short article, you will know if buying a house is right for you. Perhaps you are a first time home buyer or own ten homes. The basics remain the same.

The right of home ownership is an integral part of the American dream but thankfully, does not have to remain merely a dream. Like most dreams, desire is important and is the first ingredient. If you have the desire to own a home, you have already satisfied the most important step to home ownership.

Because your home is a financial asset, the desire for equity appreciation over time is certainly part of the dream. Besides gaining equity during some real estate cycles, pride of home ownership and financial security result from buying a house. Home ownership dates back to early American heritage. Our constitution providing freedom for home ownership, strengthens our country and makes us proud.

Try to set aside the discomfort of applying for a mortgage since your home purchase is most likely based on obtaining financing. Let’s figure out if buying a house is right for you by reviewing some basic items.

#1 How much money you make is first on the list. Income should be consistent and dependable. A steady income refers to your income’s consistency. The more consistent your income the better. The reliability of your income mostly refers to its predictability. What is the likelihood of your income continuing into the future?

#2 We all understand that your job supplies the money. So the second question to determining if you are prepared to buy a home is related to job history. You’ll move quickly past the employment issue if you have been in the same line of work for over two years.

Tip: After you apply for a home loan, the bank or mortgage company will review your financial stability. Popular misconceptions are that lenders are looking for reasons to deny you but in truth, lending is how these mortgage institutions make money. So don’t feel intruded upon. Instead seek the guidance of a reputable mortgage lender to elp guide you through this process.

#3 How you handle debt is extremely important to your financial health and is the third question to address if you are preparing to buy a home. Paying your bills before they are late will get you further toward your goal of home loan approval than anything else. Make a conscious decision today to begin paying your obligations timely. Going past the due dates of your bills damages your credit rating but you can alter this behavior today.

#4 The amount of money owed is the fourth consideration for home buyers. Bluntly expressed, are you over your head in credit card debt? Some people have large car payments plus high balances on credit cards. Other debts may include boat and recreation vehicles, installment payments for jewelry, furniture, and other items. Credit is easy to get but when qualifying to buy a house the volume of debt can obstruct your ability to get the house you dream about.

Tip: Zero down payment programs became the staple of home loan programs the last ten years. But due to the recent mortgage crisis, these products are not going to be as available.

#5 In addition to examining total debt, are you saving for a down payment. For those who have saved for the cost of buying a home including a down payment, they are a step ahead. It is never too late to begin a gradual savings plan toward a buying a house.

#6 The last issue is one some people don’t think of but is also important to your overall financial life. Can you afford to make monthly payments plus the additional cost related to owning a home? Owning a home also includes expenses such as liability and fire insurance, real estate taxes, roofs, furnaces and water heaters.

Don’t allow doubt to extinguish your hopes of home ownership by taking the next step. Now is the best time to contact a home loan lender and begin the application process. Understanding your options will increase your opportunity of of home ownership. A reputable and experienced mortgage lender can help you zero in on the most important issues that you may need to address.

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