Foreclosures and Short Sales Friday Report

There may be nothing glamorous or sexy about a depressed economy, but real estate buyers and investors who do their homework and know how to sort through an area’s available housing inventory can still find good investment opportunities that will leave them beaming with excitement.

They may not all be the most high profile hotspots around the country, but when it comes to potential for buying and investing in foreclosures in 2011 these 10 locations get our top billing for discounted opportunities. (via RealtyTrac)

Akron, Ohio

Once the tire capital of the nation, this Midwestern city has a housing stock that includes many century-old homes built as early as 1890.

Rochester, New York

Like many cities not in the more volatile sand states, homes in the Rochester area did not experience the extreme highs and lows brought on by the overinflated price hysteria of the early 2000s.

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is a prime target for investors looking for property that will provide a decent cash flow.

Cleveland, Ohio

Hit hard by foreclosures early in the 2000s, Cleveland has seen foreclosure activity leveling off in the past three years.

Portland, Maine

Tucked away in the far northeast of the country, this port community had a pretty substantial increase in foreclosure activity during 2010 even though unemployment had fallen by nearly 1 percent on a yearly basis by December.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Located on the west shore of Lake Michigan, this once proclaimed beer capital of the world and still home to the Miller Brewing Company has seen foreclosure activity continue to increase every year since 2006.

San Jose, California

Nestled in the high-tech Silicon Valley region of northern California, home prices are still softening in San Jose at many price points throughout the area.

Memphis, Tennessee

With unemployment trending down between December 2009 and 2010 and a number of companies are looking to relocate here, Memphis is becoming a magnet for investors.

San Diego, California

San Diego is known for its military presence, its close proximity to Mexico, and its fame as a popular location for movies such as Top Gun and Some Like It Hot.

Durham, North Carolina

Although Duke University is its largest employer, the “City of Medicine” as it is referred to these days has a growing and thriving healthcare-related component to its economy.

Legislation Introduced To Speed Lender Response To Short Sales

Two lawmakers, one Republican and one Democrat, have joined forces to push federal legislation through that would facilitate wider use and shorter transaction timelines for a foreclosure alternative that some say could be a lifeline for millions of underwater homeowners while drastically reducing the number of empty, repossessed homes lining U.S. neighborhoods – the short sale. The bill would impose a deadline of 45 days on lenders to give an approval, disapproval, or status of a decision on an offer for a short sale.

Regulators Assure Public Fines Are Coming For Robo-Signing Offenses

The retrospective foreclosure reviews mandated in the consent orders issued to servicers this week will help regulators evaluate the extent of the problem and determine the amount of monetary fines that should be assessed, according to John Walsh, head of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. Walsh says in addition to these punitive penalties, servicers will have to absorb “substantial expense” to fix their problems and are obligated to provide restitution to borrowers who suffered financial harm “with no dollar cap.”

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