Go Green This Christmas

This is the season to recycle so why not give the environment the best present of all this Christmas and put your waste to good use?

Easy ways to enjoy a greener Christmas:

• When shopping take a reusable bag and say no to plastic ones.

• Check the packaging. For example buy drinks in bigger bottles as they generate less waste.

• Stick with tradition and put presents in a stocking that can be reused.

• For toys and electrical gadgets, buy rechargeable batteries—for every 500 charges you’ll save 499 batteries from being thrown away.

• Cardboard from bulky present packaging can be recycled.

• Got new glad rags for Christmas? Why not donate old clothing you no longer wear to charity?

• Recycle wrapping paper from Christmas morning as well as Christmas cards.

• When it’s time to take your real tree down remember to chop it up and place it in on your curb, ready for recycling.

• Don’t forget you can also take any extra waste or recycling to your nearest household waste recycling center which will be happy to take it off your hands.

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