Homeowners Association Can’t Charge for Finding Documents

Those requesting copies of homeowner association budgets and meeting minutes can be charged only for time involved in redacting the documents as well as copying and mailing them, up to certain limits.

Question: I requested copies of our budgets and minutes for several years back. The association’s attorney wrote me: “The costs for copying and providing the pro forma operating budgets for 2008-11 and minutes of annual meetings of members and open board meetings for those years is twelve cents ($0.12) per page and $55 per hour to locate and copy the documents requested plus postage, unless you wish to pick up the documents at management. Management estimates copying charges of $40 and clerical charges of two hours or $110 to provide these documents.” These costs sound steep. Are they correct?

Answer: There is nothing in the statute about charging the homeowner for “locating and copying the documents.” This appears to be an association tactic to deter owners from accessing documents. Read More….

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