It’s official, we are entering the Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin-RecipesThe cook in me looks forward to pumpkin season because of all its diverse amount of flavors. Out west, and particularly Los Angeles, we love to feel the seasons even though the thermometer in our car does not reflect the cool fall breezes and cold winter. I like to at least pretend the seasons are changing in California, as evidenced more by the change of produce at my local farmer’s market than by cooler temperatures. With that being said, we have officially entered in the pumpkin season, where everything from coffee drinks, pastries to pasta transition into pumpkin flavor. Soon enough we will be entering the Starbucks “red cup” season which, we are all aware, means that it’s the holiday season.

Where to get some of the best pumpkin-flavored items around Los Angeles right now? Check out some of my favorite seasonal Los Angeles hot spots, a break down of the best PUMPKIN bites, treats and drinks you can indulge in this holiday season.
MELROSE — Bo Nuage is offeringtwo new Fall flavored sweet treats made with Pumpkin and Ginger at their Melrose shop. The dessert specialist makes one with whipped cream covered with chocolate flakes, and another non-dairy option that doesn’t include chocolate. Each runs a mere $6.
WEST THIRD — Magnolia Bakery has a new Fall menu with seasonal items that’ll go great as any gift package. From caramel apple and pumpkin spice, check it out starting October 13.
WEST HOLLYWOOD — Yellowtail Sunset Strip is looking toward a mid-October debut. Vegas chef Akira is opening in the former Mirabelle space.  Expecting great fall goodies.
BEVERLY HILLS — American Tea Room has a special walnut maple green tea latte with whipped cream and crushed walnuts for $8 at their Beverly Hills boutique. There’s also a pumpkin spice chai latte for those that want to escape Starbucks.

Middle Eastern snack retailer Cedar’s limited release of Pumpkin Spice Hummus as one of the tastiest uses of the most galvanizing gourd on Earth. The hummus contains the standard formula (chickpeas, tahini, garlic, etc.) in addition to — of course — the usual fall flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg. It’s even got little pumpkin seeds on top, so you can eat pumpkin while you eat your pumpkin.

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