Our Vision

Our vision is to promote home purchasing education, guidance, awareness and training to families, businesses and organizations in order to provide a more stable family, workplace and community, and to help families grow their wealth and financial independence.

Our alliances work with families to help them prepare them for affordable and wealth- building housing opportunities. We protect our families from predatory lending practices. We align ourselves with only the best, most professional mortgage agents, title representatives, and escrow officers whom we carefully screen to ensure theyl provide our families the high level of service they deserve.

Single parents, single buyers, minorities and first time home buyers, especially women, have traditionally been the prime targets for predatory lenders. That’s why we choose our partner agents so carefully. We are confident we are providing our clients with the best professionals in the industry. Our affiliates will tell you everything you need to know, instead of just what you want to hear. They’re not just your friends; they’re your advocate and your protector.

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