Should your real estate agent wear many hats?

OR: What to expect from your real estate agent.

IMG_3058.JPGReal estate transactions are complicated things. Especially for first time home buyers, many incidents and occurrences are outside the scope of a buyer or seller’s everyday expertise. In most cases, they turn to their real estate agent for guidance and support.

But what are the limits of the real estate agent’s expertise, and how many hats can you expect them to wear?

Your agent is there to solve problems as they relate to the transaction. They are there to find properties, negotiate offers, negotiate repairs, and assist in referring you to competent professionals as the need arises.

However, realtors cannot give advice as it relates to repairs, remodeling, zoning, architecture, or structural engineering. They are not geologists, interior designers, inspectors, accountants or attorneys.

Your real estate agent should do a stellar job in representing you as it relates to the contractual and negotiating sides of the transaction, but you should not expect then to go outside the bounds of what their license allows. To do do only invites trouble, as there are individuals better suited to handling specific issues that arise in the home buying process.

When interviewing for an agent, be sure to find out how deep their “bullpen” is, in the event you need help beyond the scope of their expertise. The best agents have forged relationships with the best service providers, people who can answer questions, solve problems, and often save your transaction.

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